First They Come For Our Selfies: Man Wanted For Snapping Pic During Running Of The Bulls

  • Jake O'Donnell

Taking a selfie while standing in front of 1,300-pound monster with giant spikes has been ruled illegal by Spanish authorities, which is precisely why this moron is being hunted down to pay a $3,000 fine. We imagine with all the international attention he’s gotten from this incident, he’ll be able to sell the selfie and more than make up for the punitive costs.

[The Guardian] The regulations, designed to crack down on dangerous behaviour during the festival, prohibit the unauthorised use of any kind of recording device during the bull runs.

Cracking down on dangerous behavior during a bull run is like handing out condoms during a zombie holocaust. Not sure what the logic is behind the law this guy violated, but it’s clear what the punishment could’ve been had the bull been the judge.