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Police Blotter

A Sheriff Is Trying To Forbid Aaron Hernandez From Getting Married In Jail, So He Can’t Pull Any Fast Ones

Aaron Hernandez Girlfriend

Aaron Hernandez, before being investigated for murder, had a fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins. She was cooperating with police, until Hernandez reportedly told her to stop, and she listened.

This led to speculation on the wedding potentially going through while Hernandez was in jail, because then Jenkins wouldn’t legally be allowed to testify against him in the trial.

But, the sheriff who oversees the jail at which Hernandez is being held doesn’t want this to happen.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson told USA Today that he would try to prevent Hernandez and fiancée Shayanna Jenkins from marrying.

“I don’t subscribe to that. I feel that those rights are things that you access on the outside, if you’re a good citizen,” he said. “We’ll do everything we can to not have that happen.”

We don’t know if Jenkins still wants to marry her suspected murderer, but there is a report that (with no evidence) claims Hernandez asked her to do so. No idea if that’s true.

Regardless, if Sheriff Hodgson has anything to say about this, Aaron Hernandez will be a lonely man for quite some time.


  • Dapandico

    Is he a white Hispanic?

  • who cares

    Is this really the first comment?

  • Rajiv Radia

    Unfortunately the sheriff may not be the one who can make that call. The
    right to marry is a constitutional right protected by the due process
    clause of the 14th amendment. Although prisoners don’t have all of their
    rights some of them are still retained and this one according to the
    Supreme Court is one they do retain. Here is a more complete overview of
    the issue: http://jdsportsfan.wordpress.com/2013/07/03/can-sheriff-thomas-m-hobson-keep-aaron-hernandez-from-marrying/



  • Mountains2Sea

    Just another asshole law enforcement officer trying to take the law into his own hands because “he doesn’t subscribe to that”.

  • nicotinequeen63

    Just curious about something…Aaron Hernandez may very well be guilty of murder, but as far as the law is concerned, he is INNOCENT until proven guilty. This sheriff isn’t giving him that presumption and is constantly talking about bad decisions and choices, etc. As far as he is concerned, Aaron Hernandez is an innocent man, and I don’t appreciate him running his mouth about AH being guilty and losing his rights because of his own decisions, etc. The man needs to shut his trap and let the courts handle this. Stop trying to become a part of this story. You’re just a bit player, not the star, so get over yourself. And for the record, I think Hernandez looks as guilty as he!!, but I still expect the LAW to treat him as an innocent.

  • Anonymous

    This is Massachusetts, folks. I’m sure any two living creatures can get married to huge applause and top-billing on the 6pm ‘Big-Deal-Local-TeeVee-Nooze.’

  • Anonymous

    You may be right. But you’re just some Internet message-board troll and the Sheriff doesn’t quite care WHAT you think. And there may be a small cabal of like-minded people out there, and he STILL won’t care what you collectively think.

  • Brenda Thompson

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  • Anonymous

    He’s just trying to keep her from testifying against him. That, itself, speaks volumes.

  • nicotinequeen63

    may Be bit*h, but I’m going to laugh my azz off when they get married. Will you THEN come back and give me another lecture? And I don’t care what this silly, little man thinks of ME, it’s what I think of him that matters-and I think he believes he’s running a gestapo over there. If he doesn’t want people criticizing his way, then he needs to keep his trap shut. duhhh. Aaron Hernandez doesn’t belong to him, no matter what he thinks.

  • Obnigger

    He isn’t black, but sure acts like a typical American black male. The only difference is that black males kill latino, asian and white people and rape latino, asian and white women.

  • Obnigger

    He is hispanic, but a trader to hispanics. No decent hispanic latino male would be with a fat, ghetto, black cow . He could have a latina princess.

  • Obnigger

    How great is it that hispanic gangs are hunting blacks in LA! Love it, makes me proud to be El Salvadorian!!! Hope Zimmerman gets off too! Btw – amnesty is coming, this will be a latino country and nigggs will have to leave or be wiped out!

  • BendDover2

    There are far more assholes amongst the public than there are in Police departments, and you’re a living example.

  • BendDover2

    that is such a patently racist statement…but true.

  • Mountains2Sea


  • val

    jealousy because black male likes light skins so white girls, light skin girls and hispanics or any female who is lighter are realizing that some lighter skin male are liking black female and that make those lighter skin women upset because black women are competitions and those lighter women did not have to deal with that too much before. well lighter male were always attracted to dark women, but now they are at ease to take it out of the closet. Black women are gorgeous and they are many ugly fat fuck hispanics females, and many ugly black male are fucking them! HAHA, just for your jealousy, i hope they get married.

  • val

    well i don’t really care if all the balck male are wipped out because they can be very racist toward darker women, always talking about light skin they so stupid. but i do care if you start wanting to wipe out dark female and if that happens i will wipe you out first!

  • LibsRtheProblem

    It doesn’t matter…he’ll be liked in prison. : )

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