Stock Watch: 11 Fantasy Baseball Pitchers On New MLB Teams For 2017

  • David Gonos


The MLB offseason usually brings with it major news and happenings, especially involving players moving from team to team. This winter was no different, but there was one thing that stood out as strange to me as we look at 2017 Fantasy Baseball rankings of pitchers that switched teams since last October.

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There weren’t many great, or very good … or good starting pitchers moving from one team to another, unlike the hitters that switched teams. Chris Sale swapped out the color of the sox in his closet, but after that – it’s quite a long drop in ability, all the way down to fourth-tier pitchers like Drew Smyly and Rich Hill.

But then, when you look over to the relief pitchers, and specifically closers, that have moved from one city to another this winter, there are actually quite a few. One pitcher’s decision to sign with another team caused an interesting domino effect.

It’s time to find out – where do these guys pitchers rank from a Fantasy perspective heading into 2017 Spring Training?

Ranking 11 Fantasy Baseball Pitchers on New MLB Teams For 2017

The following pitchers will be on new teams in 2017, and the average draft spots we refer to are for 12-team leagues with Rotisserie scoring.

Photo Credit: Jason Miller, Getty Images