If You’ve Never Seen A Guy Get Knocked Over By A Flying Bat As He’s Trying To Field A Grounder, Join The Club

  • Eric Goldschein

sogard fielding broken batEric Sogard thought he had this ground ball in the bag. It was as routine as routine gets for a shortstop — no bad hops, no torrential downpours of rain, no spaceships flying over the field to distract him — except for the whole “shard of bat flying directly at his knee caps” thing.

Via MLB.com:

Seriously, has that ever happened before? Bats are breaking with increasing frequency these days, so perhaps we’ll see this more often. It would actually add a fun — if totally dangerous and stupid — element to the game. Maybe one at-bat per inning, you get toss your lumber at whoever you want while you run the bases. Let’s file that, along with “Landmines on the football field” and “Landmines on the basketball court” and “Hockey rinks with maybe a couple of landmines in ’em,” in the Bad Ideas drawer.