Ryan Braun Is Screwed, But A-Rod Is Even More Screwed

  • Matt Rudnitsky

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Alex Rodriguez, guy who makes 89 cents a second, is screwed. As we’ve known for a while, there’s lots of evidence against A-Rod, Biogenesis client and PED user. Lots. He’s indeed more screwed than Ryan Braun, and as you’ve seen in the past day, Ryan Braun is very much screwed.

This isn’t surprising after the thorough Miami New Times report back on January 31, but it is cool, because A-Rod seems like he’s finally going to get punished for being a bad boy.

It also could hurt the possibility of a successful appeal, as Braun’s actions today give Bosch credibility, which is something that has been in question since the Biogenesis investigation began. For what it’s worth, CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman reported earlier today that MLB received “receipts, checks, the whole nine yards” during their investigation, though it’s not known whether any of those apply to Rodriguez.

Interestingly, Quinn writes that the case against Rodriguez includes the possibility that he interfered with the investigation, so MLB is expected to go after him harder than they did Braun. Bill Madden and Teri Thompson of the New York Daily News reported last weekend that lawyers for Rodriguez were internally discussing the possibility of a plea agreement with MLB — possibly settling on a 150-game suspension — though he and his representatives have denied the story.

So, A-Rod is screwed. Besides the 89 cents a second to sit on his ass thing.

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