WATCH: Blue Jays’ Brandon Morrow Loses No-Hitter With One Out To Go

  • Dan Fogarty

Brandon Morrow almost threw the sixth no-hitter of the 2010 MLB season against the Tampa Bay Rays, going 8 2/3 innings before giving up his first hit. It would have been the fourth no-hitter that the Rays have been a part of in 2010, and, like, the gazillionth no-hitter overall during the 2010 season.

UPDATE: It wasn’t all bad for Morrow: he got the win, and struck out 17.

The Rays’ Evan Longoria spoiled the no-hitter with two outs to go in the ninth, hitting a grounder past a diving Aaron Hill. Hill almost came up with the play, but the ball bounced off of his glove and into right field.

Even though they lost, Longoria’s hit translates into a huge weight being lifted off the shoulders of the Tampa Bay Rays. It would have been the third time the Rays were no-hit this season, after their fruitless excursions against Oakland’s Dallas Braden and Arizona’s Edwin Jackson.

Highlights of Morrow’s performance below: