Bobby Valentine Is Now The Athletic Director At Sacred Heart University, Which Makes Sense Because It Doesn’t

  • Dylan Murphy

Since Bobby Valentine’s unceremonious demise in Boston, he’s been flittering around NBC Sports Radio. And while that gig might not have done justice to his otherwise diversified talent portfolio – bicycling, butt slapping, beat-boxing, directing traffic – it was something to pass the time. Until, apparently, this:

“Former Major League manager Bobby Valentine will continue to diversify his resume when he becomes Sacred Heart University’s new athletic director. According to a report in the Connecticut Post, Valentine will be named successor to retiring A.D. Don Cook on Tuesday.”

But of course! When a man can’t drive the car, give him the keys to the dealership. Valentine will have to answer to Linda McMahon, who’s on the Board of Trustees, for whatever that’s worth.

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