Florida Governor Charlie Crist Throws Disastrous First Pitch At Playoff Game (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

Ah, the ceremonial first pitch. Prominent figures from all walks of life have done it, from Warren Buffett to Stephen King to Snoop Dogg to Kristi Yamaguchi to…yeah.

But one staple of the first pitch: politicians. Presidents of today, the recent past, the not-quite-as-recent past, and on and on, have done it.

And, unfortunately for Florida’s Charlie Crist, governors do it too. The Tampa Bay Rays invited him in for first pitch honors for last night’s Game 2 of the Division Series against the Texas Rangers, and it went like…well, just watch.

Ouch. Now, of course, Crist isn’t the first politician to throw a pitch that leaves something to be desired, but that doesn’t mean he caught any less hell for it.

And the bad news for the Rays – once the actual game started, things didn’t go much better – they lost the game 6-0, and now sit one game from elimination. So who stands a better chance: the Rays against the Rangers, or Crist against Marco Rubio for a U.S. Senate seat?