Chris Berman’s Nickname For Cardinals Pitcher Fernando Salas: “Tossed Salas.” Yeah.

  • Glenn Davis

If there’s one thing Chris Berman likes to do, it’s give athletes “funny” pun nicknames. A list of many, many, many of those nicknames can be found here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Something Berman isn’t so fond of doing, as we learned via the new ESPN oral history book Those Guys Have All the Fun, is use the internet. This suggests someone not exactly on the cutting edge of modern culture, and one who therefore may not be up on what certain words and phrases have come to mean over the years. What do you get when you combine this implied obliviousness and his love for nicknames? This:

Of course, maybe we’re not giving Berman enough credit. Maybe he does know what that means to a lot of people out there, and was feeling edgy. Were that the case, we’d find ourselves liking Berman a little more, we think. (We doubt that’s the case.)

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