On Deck: 10 First-Year Baseball HOF Eligibles Through 2022

  • David Gonos

COVER-Walter-Iooss-Jr First-year eligible baseball hall of fame players

Next week, on Jan. 18, the 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame Class will be announced, and we’re likely going to see former superstars like Jeff Bagwell and Tim Raines get inducted later this summer. And names like Ivan Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez and Vlad Guerrero will be discussed – with expectations of being inducted on later dates. And there are other recently eligible players, like Trevor Hoffman and Curt Schilling, that will likely eventually make it into Cooperstown. But we’re more interested in first-year eligible players for this discussion.

What first-year eligible players can we expect to see pop up on the ballots over the next five years? (We say “five years” because a player is not eligible to be inducted until he has been retired for five years. Sorry, A-Rod!)

Future Baseball Hall-of-Fame Eligible Players Through 2022

We’re not saying these players will be inducted on their first-year ballots, but we do believe the following HOF-eligible players will get inducted at some point in the coming years. The team referenced is the team’s hat we believe the player will be wearing on their HOF plaques. (The Baseball Hall of Fame chooses which hat the player will wear, not the player.)

Photo Credit: Walter Iooss Jr., Getty Images