George Brett Named ‘Outstanding Kansas Citian Of The Year’ Then Promptly Threatens To Shoot Autograph Seeker

  • Jake O'Donnell

“This is the last time. If I ever see you fucking again I’ll fucking shoot your fucking ass. You understand? It’s the last fucking time. Ever.” Whoa. Ok.

Just to be fair, we’ll quote the socially inept autograph seeker dude. “Whaaat aaaan aaaashole!” Eh, pot calling the kettle black, brah.

Some background on Hall of Famer George Brett: He’s the best third baseman of all time, amassing a career .301 batting average over 21 seasons in the bigs — all with the Kansas City Royals. In fact, he recently stepped down as the Royals hitting coach this season. What can we say, the guy likes dry rub BBQ. So it’s no wonder the Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas City decided to honor him with the Kansas Citian of the Year Award for, um, we guess being a local famous person?

[NSAD] The selection of George Brett to receive the 2013 OKC award continues a tradition began in 1973 to recognize our contemporaries who have placed Kansas City in the history books. George Howard Brett is an extraordinary Kansas Citian.

Ya, it’s extraordinary he didn’t shoot your fucking ass. It is hilarious that he was on his way back from receiving the honor when he casually threatened this guy’s life. Sorry, George, odds are you’ll see this guy again. K.C. is a small place.

A spokesperson for Brett claimed the guy asked him for an autograph “about 35 times and gotten it about 15 times,” which sounds annoying — especially when you’ve just gotten off a flight and you realize you like in Kansas City (a joke, relax).

[KCTV5] Brett does not regret the message. Brett claims that the autograph hound has gotten numerous autographs from the Royals great, which the fan has then sold, and Brett is tired of the man’s relentless demands and behavior. Brett just wants the man to leave him alone.

UPDATE: It is currently not known whether he told the Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas City to “go fuck themselves” upon receiving the award.