Today In “Saddest Things Ever”: High School Football Team Cancels Season Because Too Many Players Got Hurt

  • Dan Fogarty and Glenn Davis

The web roundup for Wednesday, October 10. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. See anything that should be on SportsGrid? Send it to Now, our starting five.

1. An Idaho high school football team sustained too many injuries to keep playing.

Come to feel bad for those kids, stay for guy named “Clete Edmunson.” [KTVB]

2. Al Jefferson has a big bed.

And it would still be a big bed if he were 10 feet tall. [Business Insider]

3. Nolan Ryan says Josh Hamilton quit…

… smokeless tobacco. Not on the Rangers. But Nolan’s none too happy about it anyway. [ESPN Dallas]

4. How would the characters on Friday Night Lights vote?

Worth wondering, with Mitt Romney using the slogan and all. [Vulture]

5. Not sports related, still important.

Would a Biden debate win stop Obama’s slide?; Here’s a new Wu-Tang Clan song; Christopher Walken Reads ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’; What if the presidential election is a tie?

What’s on TV tonight.

Game 3: Orioles at Yankees (7:37 p.m., TBS); Game 4: Tigers at Athletics (TNT, 9:30 p.m.)

Food porn of the day.

“Breakfast Totem – Sourdough toast, bacon, sausage, hash browns & cheese topped with a fried egg.”


And, finally tonight.

The official trailer for the Oscar bait-y Hitchcock, starring Anthony Hopkins and Scarlett Johansson.

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