Terry Francona And The Cleveland Indians Drop The Best Harlem Shake Video Yet–Lebron, You’ve Been Put On Notice

  • Jake O'Donnell

Some coaches take their teams out to dinner. Tom Coughlin started a “game night” with the New York Giants. Terry Francona? He gets whacky with non sensical viral videos. In what clearly is a well thought out, even scripted, take on the Harlem Shake phenomenon, the Cleveland Indians and their manager have put the Heat on notice: you ain’t the only ones who can get weird on the internet.

The best part is, Francona sets the whole thing up as if he’s about to give a speech on “attitude” (rather convincingly.) If you ask me, that’s what the Heat video is missing: context. A set up. Some acting. Grounding. The Heat video is all punchline.

Furthermore, what this one lacks in swag, it makes up for in Terry Francona subtly pulling off the gopher dance from caddy shack. And while those moves won’t land him on dancing with the stars anytime soon, they segue very nicely with the anarchistic stream of consciousness that follows. Lots of costumes. Several penguins. Location change. I think I even saw Jason Giambi in there somewhere. Either way, this much is true: it’s officially on between the Indians and the Heat for best Harlem Shake video. Which one is the best?

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