Just Because Torii Hunter Is Old Doesn’t Mean He Won’t Steal Second Base

  • Eric Goldschein

After earning himself an infield hit against the Astros on Saturday, Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter looked around at his Houston Astros opponents and noticed something: even though he was on base, and the play was on-going, nobody seemed to be paying him any attention. So he kept running.

This happened back in the second inning of what eventually became a 17-2 rout, so from a statistics standpoint the stolen base (and subsequent homer by Miguel Cabrera to drive Hunter in) meant very little. But what could be more 2013 Houston Astros than completely forgetting about the runner on first, mere moments after he arrived?

Whether they discounted Hunter because of his advanced age (37) or they’re just generally a forgetful group, keeping the runner close to the bag is something the Astros may want to work on.

[Larry Brown Sports]