Tiny Fan Runs Onto Field During White Sox/Orioles Game

  • Dan Fogarty

When I was a 10-year-old at baseball games, “I should run onto the field and see what happens” was a common thought of mine. But the possible consequences that ran through my tiny mind (“JAIL FOREVER” or “HAVING MY SNES TAKEN AWAY”) always kept me from going for the gold.

A little kid at this afternoon’s White Sox/Orioles game had no such qualms, though. We don’t actually get to see his run to freedom (hopefully it will be up on YouTube soon) but we do get to see his capture at the hands of White Sox left fielder Dayan Viciedo, who then passes him off to security at U.S. Cellular Field. No word on if his XBox 360 will be quarantined for the foreseeable future.

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