Done Drafting? 12 Last-Chance Waiver-Wire Options For Fantasy Baseball

  • David Gonos

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Most people have already finished their 2017 Fantasy Baseball drafts, and now they’re setting lineups and preparing for MLB’s Opening Day Sunday night and Monday afternoon. But between their draft and lineups locking Sunday afternoon, there are a couple handfuls of players worth checking out that made some noise in Spring Training.

That’s not to say you should be cutting Chris Sale and Freddie Freeman any time soon. But the 11 players we’ve listed below are guys worth taking a look at in all single leagues (AL- and NL-only) for sure. Also, a lot of mixed Fantasy league owners should grab these guys in place of injured players on your bench or minor-leaguers sent back down.

12 Fantasy Baseball Players To Consider For Last-Chance Waiver Wire Pickups

The following Fantasy players are available in more than 50-percent of Fantasy leagues on

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski, Getty Images