If Earthquake Reaction Videos Keep Being This Good, We Will Keep Posting Them

  • Glenn Davis

OK, so East Coast denizens are pretty much over the strong-by-east-coast-standards earthquake from earlier this week, and have moved on to other concerns – specifically, the hurricane heading toward the region this weekend. But we’re not quite ready to let go of that minor ground-rumbling just yet…mainly because it seems like every day, we see a real-time reaction to the quake that we can’t help but post here. We’ve shown you the extremes: Torrey Smith’s initial panic, Jim Furyk’s unshakable, almost eerie calm. And now, via MLB.com studios comes what we’d say is our favorite one of all.

Watch it above – to us, the best thing about it is the way it showcases a range of reactions. You’ve got the guy who knows earthquakes (and the foundation of Manhattan, for that matter) – but was still startled enough to emit a couple “holy shit”s. You’ve got the sufficiently freaked guy who’d really rather not think about how Manhattan is partially built on landfill, and therefore especially susceptible to damage in the event of a strong earthquake. And perhaps most importantly, you have the faces made by that guy. We’re not necessarily saying there should be revival of Candid Camera featuring these three guys getting tricked into thinking various natural disasters are taking place outside their studio…just that we’d watch.

[SB Nation/jose3030]