New Rule: Umpires Can Punch Out Batters After Only Two Strikes Now

  • Rick Chandler

Forgive umpire Paul Emmel if he got a little confused during the fifth inning of the Royals-Indians game on Monday. The Royals had made two mound visits, the second involving a pitching change, and Cleveland’s Lonnie Chisenhall was batting with two out. Chisenhall had a 3-1 count when he took a strike … and Emmel called him out with an emphatic “Strike three!”

Have you ever seen a more confused look? (Screen cap). The announcers were fooled as well (and even misidentified the ump). And aside from only being the second strike, that pitch looked low. The circus is in town, kids.

Eventually order was restored and Chisenhall struck out properly.

Video here.