The Guy Gets 5 Wins And All Of A Sudden Mets Rookie Matt Harvey Is Dating SI Swimsuit Model Anne V (SLIDESHOW)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Playing for the Mets is not the best gig in the world. That distinction goes to dating Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Anne V. Can the two coexist? If Matt Harvey is any indication, the answer is a resounding “YES OH MY GOD.” But it’s not just his break neck pace to becoming the best pitcher in baseball as a rookie, it’s his velociraptor-like reflexes that allowed him to seize on the opportunity to date, eh, just the hottest woman on the face of the Earth.

Wow. Please excuse us while the entire Sportsgrid office steps outside and starts practicing our pitching mechanics.

Usually, you need to spend at least a few years dominating batters before you can pull off something of this magnitude (like Justin Verlander, who dates/dated/who cares/sees/saw/has talked to/met Victoria Secret model and SI girl Kate Upton). Not wonder-kid-and-Mets-savior Matt Harvey, who is on the fast track to being the most hated man in America a bonafide star. If there is such a thing as a six tool prospect, Matt Harvey is it — the sixth tool being whatever the hell he did to end up with Anne V.

Now get out there and start fixing that herky jerky windup you got going on…


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