Twins Ballboy Is Better Than Most Of Their Roster, Proves It With This Leaping Catch

  • Zach Berger

Yesterday afternoon, a Minnesota Twins ballboy made what might have been the MLB play of the day when he jumped off of his stool and snagged a ball that seemed to be on a collision course with some lucky fan’s face.

Here’s a video of the catch:

Most ballboys are ex-players that want to stay around the game, so it isn’t surprising to see the cat-like reflexes and agility that this kid has. The play would have been a bit more impressive if he landed on his feet instead of his ass, but that might be asking too much.

The real moral of the story here is that the Minnesota Twins, three games below .500 and fourth in their division, need to stop looking for talent in their farm system and start looking for talent in their ballboy system.

There’s been this hidden gem sitting on a stool down the third-base line for all this time and they wouldn’t have ever noticed if Alexei Ramirez didn’t try to punish some poor Twins fans with a line drive into the stands.