Watch A Marine Make An Uncomfortable On-Air Joke About Killing Baseball’s Best Pitcher

  • Ben Axelrod

June 20th – 26th marks Marine Week in St. Louis, when the The Few, The Proud get to show off their vehicles, weaponry, and equipment in the hopes of signing new recruits. However, last night at the Cardinals-Phillies game, one Marine got carried away by all of the nearby Things That Can Kill People.

As the Cardinals’ broadcast team interviewed Colonel Shane Tomko and Seargeant Nicole Tannahill, Col. Tomko took the opportunity to try his hand at comedy, threatening Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay with certain death at the hands of a very large gun.

“I’ll tell you what, with that M1A1 Abrams we got across the street, if Halladay keeps on pitching well, we can fix that with one round pretty quickly.”

The Cardinals’ broadcaster gave Tomko the benefit of two awkard chuckles, before suggesting to him that he maybe shouldn’t say that. Possibly offended and embarrassed by the notion of a broadcaster telling him what he can and can’t say, Col. Tomko informed the Cardinals announcer that he had the right to say whatever he wants to.

I can say whatever I want because I’m a war fighter, and this is the Cardinals Nation the last time I checked.

And this ain’t Communist China last time I checked, neither!

Anyway, we would have given Col. Tomko a pass after his first comment for the very reason that he does serve and protect our country. But then again: he wants to kill Roy Halladay with a giant gun!

[Crossing Broad]