Watch Giants Left Fielder Cody Ross Get Steve Bartman’d On Foul Ball

  • Timothy Burke

It’s been nearly eight years since Steve Bartman became the scapegoat for the Chicago Cubs missing out on the World Series, but his name is still invoked whenever a home team’s fan interferes with a fielder attempting to catch a foul popup — as happened Wednesday night in San Francisco to Giants LF Cody Ross.

Most fans know to get out of the way when their player’s trying to make a catch — but when you bring a glove to the game, it’s hard to resist:

In the fan’s defense, he didn’t reach into the field of play & thus didn’t break any (written) rules. The Twins’ broadcast of the event suggests he (and his female companion) were evacuated for their own safety:

What remains to be answered: was he allowed to keep the ball?