This Willie Bloomquist Put Out At Second Base Looks Pretty Much Impossible

  • Eric Goldschein

Thank goodness for slow motion replays — otherwise, how would we know what happened on this play? They also give us a chance to appreciate the combination of athleticism, skill and timing needed to throw a ball while sitting on your own head.

It’s difficult to describe what happened here in words, but basically Willie Bloomquist saved a hit and got the runner at second by making a ridiculous stop and an even more ridiculous throw to the bag. Here it is:

See what I mean? How did this happen? He flicks his wrist, jerks his arm backwards, and the ball flies through the air, with velocity, to get the runner in time. It doesn’t seem possible, and yet there it is. Unfortunately, this came in a losing effort. But Bloomquist deserves a steak for that one — Ian Kennedy’s buying.