23 Presents For Michael Jordan On His 54th Birthday

23 Presents For Michael Jordan On His 54th Birthday
  • Jake O'Donnell

Obviously, you’re aware that Michael Jordan turns 54 years old today, but in the highly unlikely event that you haven’t been eagerly anticipating his birthday for months, here’s a list of 23 gift ideas we feel confident His Airness would love!

23) Michael Jordan-scented air freshener for his Michael Jordan-themed golf cart .


22) A runway that looks like a basketball court…


21) Two-part gift of a coffee table book filled with headshots of famous German mass murders from the 1940s and a mirror.


20) An Academy Award.


19) Updated set of earings that look way less piratey and (literally) way more like Michael Jordan.

jordan earings


18) A tropical nation to rule with an iron fist.

Jake O'Donnell

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