Amar’e Stoudemire Gives Deron Williams A Lift, In Super Duper Slow-Mo

  • Glenn Davis

Oh, NBA, how we’ve missed your astounding feats of athleticism/reliably steady stream of highlight reel material. And you know we have, NBA. How do we know that you know? Well, look at this clip, even though maybe you don’t really have to, since after all, you made it, NBA:

Now, this moment was sort of cool/funny in real time. But you knew that if you slowed it down and gave it a dramatic musical score, and gave a closeup of Deron Williams‘ war face, you knew that what was actually a harmless moment that didn’t count would suddenly be imbued with greater meaning. You knew that a moment that didn’t even count in the actual game could become two stars one on one, Williams coming about as close as possible to achieving human flight, suddenly a stand-in for everything we love about the high-flying, oft-majestic game of basketball. You knew we’d flock to it, you sly dogs.

And…you were right. It’s awesome. For making this, we’ll say it, for the first time since the lockout: thanks, NBA.