Andrew Bynum, Master Of Hair-Don’ts, Will Sign With The Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Eric Goldschein

It has been confirmed that Andrew Bynum — once a Laker, once a sort-of 76er — will now be a Cavalier.

So while two years for $24 million sounds like a pretty good contract for a guy who hasn’t proven he can stay healthy, at least the Cavs aren’t putting themselves entirely on the hook. The big guy will have to actually play basketball to get half of his money the first year, and the Cavs can either re-up with him in 2014 or pull the plug in time for the LeBron/Carmelo/Kobe/whoever else sweepstakes.

Knee-jerk reaction: A good deal all around. A lineup that includes Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Jarrett Jack, Tristan Thompson/Anthony Bennett, and Bynum sounds pretty decent, provided they all live up to their potential. And Bynum gets the chance to prove he’s not an enormous, ridiculous bust many times over.

There is one thing that we’ll miss about not seeing Bynum on the bench (provided that he, you know, stays off the bench). This: