Carlos Boozer Throws “As Bad A Pass As You Will See By A Pro”

  • Eric Goldschein

It’s not clear who this pass was to, but we can say with certainty that it wasn’t meant for the 7th row of the Wells Fargo Center. And yet that’s where it ended up. The woes of the Bulls continue.

Midway through the second quarter, as Chicago was clawing its way back from an early deficit (again), Boozer caught the rock near the left elbow and looked across the court for a pass. Hilarity ensued.

Be sure to watch for classic reaction shots, from the guy who caught the ball to coach Tom Thibodeau, who says what everybody back in Chicago must be thinking.

For real, Carlos: this isn’t volleyball. Keep the ball on the court and maybe even in the basket — both of which will give you a better shot of keeping your team in this series.