An NBA Player Got A Technical Foul For Giving A Wet Willie

  • Glenn Davis

Whatever else you might say about Delonte West, you have to admit he’s never boring. There was that zoo trip with Lamar Odom. There was the time he thought he got blackballed from the White House. There’s… that rumor, which West has addressed – and categorically denied – himself. There was the time he bought the white Bronco not unlike the one O.J. Simpson drove during the infamous police chase in 1994.

Indeed, with West, even his technical fouls can be… different. For example, he got hit with one during the Mavericks’ triple-overtime loss to the Jazz last night where – well, there’s no other way to say it except he gave the Jazz’ Gordon Hayward a wet willie:

Wondering why West did it? You’re out of luck, because he couldn’t even really come up with a reason, except that he was “caught up in the game.” Not much of an excuse for a completely bizarre play, but again, if anyone in the NBA has a flair for the unrelentingly strange, it’s West.

Also: sure, it was a cheap shot and West deserved the technical, but was it just us or were the announcers in the above clip on par with Joe Buck after the Randy Moss fake-mooning? It was like they’d never seen anything worse in their lives. We get calling out the refs for missing it initially, but the level of outrage on display here was way out of whack with what actually happened, we thought. Hell, the announcers were a lot madder than Hayward seemed to be. Maybe Hayward just knows: with Delonte West, you should probably expect the unexpected.