Derek Fisher Makes A Surprising Amount Of Sense As The Next Coach Of The Knicks

  • Eric Goldschein

derek fisherHere’s a totally random and unexpected rumor, fresh from the mill where rumors are made: Derek Fisher trails only Steve Kerr, the presumed front runner, in the race for the job of coaching the New York Knicks.

Of course, the position in question is currently occupied by Mike Woodson, but most people who have watched the Knicks play and interact with each other this year would agree that there needs to be a change after the season.

Via USA Today:

If indeed TNT analyst and former NBA guard Steve Kerr, who played for three of Jackson’s championship Bulls teams, wants to coach, he is the front-runner, a person familiar with the situation told USA TODAY Sports. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.

But one other name to consider, if Kerr doesn’t end up as coach: Derek Fisher, who could end up with the Knicks either as a coach or front-office executive.

Kerr seems like the more natural fit for the job out of the two, if only because Kerr is older than Fisher (older = better?) and Fisher is still playing in the NBA. But Jason Kidd proved this year that making the jump from the court to the bench in a single offseason is possible, if not exactly smooth. Plus, Fisher has extensive knowledge of how to run and implement the triangle offense.

The bottom line, with both these candidates: They’ve got rings, and because they have no prior bench experience they would essentially be molded by Phil Jackson from the jump. That is the next best thing to getting Phil himself. Knicks fans should be pleased — about the future. Not the present.

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