Hey, Old-School Knicks And Heat Fans: Does This Photo Make Your Mind Explode Or What?

  • Eric Goldschein

Old-school around these parts means 1999 or so — apologies to the real old-school fans out there. (Refresher: The Sixth Sense came out that year; Home Improvement ended, Cher’s “Believe” was the number one single.)

If you were cognizant of basketball during the 1990s, you more than likely remember the battles between the Knicks and Heat, when both teams were good. They went at each other relentlessly, and it turned into a bitter rivalry that spawned things like this.

A big part of what made that rivalry great was Tim Hardaway, the tiny point guard with a big mouth and deadly range. Frank Isola of the NY Daily News says it best:

So it was pretty outstanding for the Knicks, in 2013, to draft Tim Hardaway. Junior, that is. Because even if Hardaway the Younger doesn’t help the Knicks knock off the Heat next year, even if he gets traded away tomorrow, we still got to see this:

Tim Hardaway (Senior) holding a Knicks jersey with his name on it? Gedouttahere. Do my eyes deceive me?

(Bonus: Hardaway kicking it with Allan Houston.)

Here’s Junior talking to the MSG media, where he addresses being the son of a Knicks rival and where he fits on the New York roster, among other things (h/t Posting And Toasting):