Where Will Dwight Howard End Up Signing? We’ve Got Percentages.

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Dwight Howard Free Agent Lakers Rockets

Dwight Howard is the marquee NBA free agent this summer, and he’s reportedly heading to a resort in Colorado or a remote ranch in Montana to decide his Decision. Jim Gray has not yet received an invite.

As with everything, we can handicap where Dwight Howard will sign with betting odds, which give us the best understanding of the market. Obviously, they’re not especially accurate in this case, because most people don’t have inside information. But these odds are the best odds we have, so here they are, via BetOnline.

Poor wording aside, here’s everybody’s chances, based on these odds. My math is bulletproof, I think/hope:

Houston Rockets: 41.5%
Los Angeles Lakers: 23.5%
Dallas Mavericks: 20.3%
Golden State Warriors: 7.4%
Atlanta Hawks: 7.4%
Brooklyn Nets: 0%
New York Yankees: 0%
North Korea Basketball: 0%

The Pick: Houston. Because higher numbers > lower numbers ∴ Houston gives me the smallest chance of looking stupid.