Today In Unsettling News: Dwyane Wade Paints His Toenails

  • Evan Sporer

The NBA isn’t only where amazing happens: it’s also the home to some pretty bizarre fashion trends. From the glasses-frames-without-lenses look, to Russell Westbrooks psychedelic wardrobe, to… this.

We give you: Dwyane Wade’s painted toenails.

In an interview last year with GQ, Wade revealed he wanted to—and ended up—painting his toenails black.
(From the 2001 GQ interview):

“Three years ago I was like, ‘Man, I kind of want to paint my toenails black,’ ” Wade tells me. We’re on-set at a Manhattan photo studio right now his feet are covered by striped Paul Smith socks and size 14 Jordans. “At first I thought, ‘Nah, I can’t do that. They’re going to kill me.’ But eventually I decided to try it.”

Luckily for Dwyane, he got the reassuring, mid-pubescent advice from new teammate LeBron James:

“Later I was on vacation in the Bahamas with LeBron,” Wade says, laughing, “and when he saw my toes he was like, ‘Something is seriously wrong with you.’ But eventually Bron was like, ‘You know what? You’re crazy, but that’s just you.’ When I first got into the league, I tried to fit in. Now I don’t care.”

I mean, who better than LeBron to tell you to do what you feel is right, and not what everyone thinks is best for you? Then, last night, Wade tweeted out this picture showing off his pedicured toes.

Cool? Is this cool? This isn’t cool, right? This is just weird. I’m so confused. If people start painting their toenails black because of D-Wade, the Heat will win the next five NBA Championships, and we’ll all suffer as a result.

[Via Larry Brown Sports]