Hey Guys, I Think We Have Our Tanking Culprit…

  • Jake O'Donnell

This is it for MJ. No, not the documentary about Michael Jackson. Drafting Andrew Wiggins is how Michael Jordan will rewrite the least flattering chapter of his basketball life. He will draft his successor. This is how it was supposed to happen. The greatest player of all time learns how to admit defeat, and in doing so, becomes successful through failure. Tanking = success. Tanking = Andrew Wiggins. The Charlotte Hornets will be reborn with the NBA’s next big superstar in their midst, and all will be forgotten. The Wizards. The Bobcats. The Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

He will set yet another benchmark — as far as basketball legacies are concerned — and oversee a franchise that grows in six years to become the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s.

Or, once again, will his hubris be his undoing?

[Huff Po Sports] “It’s not guaranteed (the player) you are going to get is going to be that star anyway.”

Oh come on, Mike — you can’t give anyone credit, can you? Andrew Wiggins is by any measure an instant star in this league. Why would you let pride get in the way of dramatically increasing your mathematical odds of obtaining a once in a decade draft pick. Did Kwame Brown make you gun shy?

Or is this part of your brilliant plan? To throw us off your scent? To allow defeat without admitting it. That’s what you’re doing, isn’t it? You want that dookie so bad you can taste it!

All we actually know right now, is that someone, somewhere is tanking this season, because an anonymous GM told ESPN The Magazine in an Op-Ed that he plans to do exactly that. Drive that tank straight to the draft…

Our team isn’t good enough to win and we know it. So this season we want to develop and evaluate our young players, let them learn from their mistakes — and get us in position to grab a great player. The best way for us to do that is to lose a lot of games. This draft is loaded. There are potential All-Stars at the top, maybe even franchise changers. Sometimes my job is to understand the value of losing.

We’re not alone. Look at the 76ers. Since the draft in June, I don’t think they’ve signed a player or made a trade to add a legitimate player. A bunch of us realize that our teams aren’t good enough talentwise to do anything. You’re going to be bad. There’s no way around it. And even if you finish 0-82, there’s still a 75 percent chance you don’t get the No. 1 pick. We’re just going to take our lumps and hope our number gets called.

Who is this mystery GM? Why did he tell ESPN to begin with? Michael Jordan is acting like he doesn’t know, but do you believe him? Let me ask you this: Do you think the real anonymous tanking gets this close and sticks his head out?

[Huff Post] “I don’t know if some teams have thought of that. That’s not something that we would do. I don’t believe in that.”

[Jordan] then laughed heartily and said, “If that was my intention I never would have paid (free agent) Al Jefferson $13 million a year.”

That’s Chicago Bull shit if you ask us.

What do you think? Would MJ allow such a thing as tanking to occur under his watch? Should they do it? Should anyone tank? Let us know if you think we’re crazy (don’t be shy). Just remember, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist…