Jalen Rose Says He Could Score 12 Points In An NBA Playoff Game Today

  • Rick Chandler

Former University of Michigan and NBA standout Jalen Rose isn’t prone to blustery, ill-advised statements (oh no, not him), so I guess we’ll just have to take him at his word on this.

During an appearance on Bill Simmons’ BS Report recently, Rose said that he could step onto the court and score 12 points in an NBA Playoff game today. Simmons said that the two of them were at a shoot-around (not sure when), and Rose was getting frustrated that players were missing outside shots.

SIMMONS: “[Jalen] said ‘Put a jersey on me and I’ll stand in the corner and make four threes right now.'”

ROSE: “Right, and I walked down there with my Gucci shoes on and my jeans and I did.”

Rose, 40, did preface it by saying that “By no means am I saying that I have game,” but his claim is still a little dubious. For instance, in his last actual playoff game, for the Suns in 2007, he only scored two points.

Actually I’m more interested in his explanation on how NBA players kept their wives away from their girlfriends.