Can’t Knock The Hustle: Kevin Durant Drops Agent, Probably Going With Jay-Z Cause That’s A Thing Now

  • Jake O'Donnell

Kevin Durant should be playing right now. His should be the second name out of everyone’s mouth after LeBron. Alas, it isn’t the case. So he’ll grab headlines the old fashioned way: Firing his agent and hiring a rapper instead.

American sports are the coolest thing ever.

In no way is this a done deal, but it’s worth pointing out because there’s “speculation” and “rumors” swirling around the possibility of the two teaming up. Why wouldn’t there be? He’d instantly become Roc Nation’s crown jewel, not to mention a considerably more visible celebrity/athlete/guy/fashion/whatever the kids are doing nowadays. Because that’s what he wants.

Apparently, he’s not as interested in the representation side as much as he is in the marketing bump that comes with tagging along with Jay-Z. If he did, in fact, spurn Creative Artists Agency (Roc Nation’s talent rep division), he’d basically be signing on symbolically. That’s like wanting to be the cool kid but being to scared to shoplift and grow a rat tail. That’s like skateboarding without knowing how to do any tricks. That’s like wearing glasses without frames in them.

Glad to see Kevin Durant knows where to draw the line when it comes to business and being really really cool.