LeBron James Took A Pulverizing Grant Hill Screen To The Face

  • Eric Goldschein

LeBron James versus Grant Hill: like a freight train running into a very, very old subway car. But Hill planted a screen that LeBron didn’t see coming, and the King ran smack into the ancient Sun’s shoulder. Dude went down like a ton of bricks. Seriously, he was glassy-eyed. Hill popped right back up, but James was on the floor for the rest of the play, and then some (that is, until teammate Dwayne Wade clobbered Jared Dudley to stop the clock).

Too bad it was too little, too late, as it came on the tail end of a 17-2 run that put Miami up with under minute to go in the fourth. And because LeBron is, as we said, a freight train, he ended up coming back into the game.

*Cue Chumbawamba*