LeBron James Whines “Don’t Talk To Me Like I’m A Kid” Like A Kid

  • Joe Levine

I don’t want it to seem like I’m picking on LeBron too much today, but facts are facts. Dude was grabbin’ up on Tom Thibodeau last night. He also had this fun sequence wherein referee Brian Forte had to reprimand him like an angry mom would her bratty toddler.

It was the fourth quarter of the Heat’s loss last night to the Bulls and LeBron was unhappy with a call he didn’t get from the officials. So going into a timeout, LeBron stalks the referees all the way into the Bulls huddle to make his case. Because the refs will usually change a call after the fact, right?

Finally, referee Brian Forte has enough, literally yelling “ENOUGH!” at James and telling him to go to his own huddle. LeBron’s response? An ultra-ironic “Don’t talk to me like I’m a kid,” with a “Get the f— off of me,” to teammate Ray Allen to boot.

Watch it all go down in real time, via ESPN.

Pretty good. I give this temper tantrum two Baby Wade’s out of three.

Baby Wade 1Baby Wade 2

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