Today In Adult Celebrations: Marco Belinelli Has HUGE Balls (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

With Game 7 hanging in the balance, up 88-81 with 4:55 left to play, Joakim Noah snagged a board, dished to Nate Robinson as he fell out of bounds, who drove to basket, and kicked to a wide open Marco Belinelli standing a full two feet behind the arc. Nothing but nut.

I mean net. Excuse me.

His celebration involved a very obvious reference to the size of his testicles. Don’t get me wrong — the play warranted rejoice. The Nets had to call a timeout and all the energy in the building exited through the giftshop. It’s just that celebrations generally don’t go there. Marco, a 27-year-old from Presiceto, Italy, probably wasn’t aware of the universality of the pantomime. Or he was, and he just actually has humongous balls — both literally and figuratively.

He ended up tying the game high with 24 points, leading The Balls The Bulls to a hard fought 99-93 victory. Marco and his boys will face the Miami Heat Monday @ 7pm, most likely without Derrick Rose, who is still out with a crisis of confidence.

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