NBA Free Agency Signings, Trades, Rumors, And Jeremy Lin's Next Stop

  • Jake O'Donnell

Here’s a messed up thing to see at your job: A giant banner of the dude who forced you out of your last gig, sitting in your cubicle. That’s basically what happened to Jeremy Lin, when the Houston Rockets put his #7 on a rendering of Carmelo Anthony in a Rockets uniform outside the Toyota Center.

Apparently they didn’t even tell him about it beforehand. That’s like your current girlfriend using a picture of her in front of your car as her new Tinder picture. Not cool, bro. Not cool.

Are the Rockets trying to piss Lin off so that he demands a trade? He’s owed $14,898,938 this season and LeBron is looking for max money right now — might the Rockets be looking for a way to dish Lin’s poison pill? We think that’s obvious at this point.

One thing’s for sure: He can’t opt out. So where can they shift such an overvalued contract?

Philly is the only place with the flexibility to add such a silly amount of money for so little in return, plus Lin would give fans a reason to show up, seeing as they’re likely to be the worst team in basketball for yet another season.

Check out the slideshow below for the latest NBA free agency news and rumblings…