VIDEO: NBA Team Mascot Somehow Dunks Self Through Hoop

  • Glenn Davis

The NBA’s Phoenix Suns have a mascot (this guy), as well as a backing team called the Sol Patrol. During breaks in the action this group will come out onto the court to keep the crowd entertained, and often do trick dunks off trampolines, as team mascots are wont to do. At a recent Suns game, one Sol Patrol member did just that. Here’s how it went:

Despite that this clearly did not go as intended, it’s one of the more impressive dunks we’ve ever seen – and also kind of amazing that the dunker appears unscathed. Really, there’s a lot of good luck here – that he sailed through the rim rather than smashing his face directly into it, that he fell through the basket just in time for the follow-up Sol Patrol member to complete his dunk without a horrifying collision taking place – despite how wrong this dunk went, a lot still went (thankfully) right. And really, one day we think Blake Griffin might do this dunk on purpose.