New York Post Learns J.R. Smith Tested Positive For Weed, Photoshops This For Their Backpage

  • Jake O'Donnell

“J.R. Spliff.” That was the headline. Real cute. Not sure how they came upon the specifics of Smith’s positive test, though. “Smith tested positive for marijuana, according to a source,” the paper said. So how come no one has revealed Vonn Miller’s drug of choice in his suspension yet? Who are these sources? His dealer?

At least we know they didn’t learn it from J.R. Smith’s twitter, as he’s been eerily silent for the last four days.

Whatever, the post doesn’t care about facts or the truth. All they’re concerned with is making funny headlines. Like this one: “Joint guard: Knicks’ J.R. Smith suspended for marijuana.” Let’s see if we can do any better.

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Photo via, H/T BSO