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Nothing Like A Sunday Morning Snapchat Dick Pic From Draymond Green

Nothing Like A Sunday Morning Snapchat Dick Pic From Draymond Green
  • Tanya Ray Fox

It’s been a slow couple of weeks for sports fans as we head into the absolute nightmare that is the Rio Olympics, wade through pre-trade deadline MLB and wait for NFL training camps to kick into high gear. But on the Lord’s Day, Draymond Green accidentally sent out a picture of his penis to all of Snapchat. Thanks, Dray. We truly are blessed.

Yes, the 26-year-old Golden State Warriors power forward was trying to woo a lovely lady (or ladies) via social media and accidentally gave us all a glimpse at his little golden state warrior, if you will.

At first, he tried to deny it.

Of course that denial was never going to stick. Draymond has been incredibly active on his account, detailing his life with the USA Olympic Men’s Basketball team. So yeah, not only is he on the app all the time but he’s also got a gajillion people following his Snapchat account. And if you know anything – even just a tiny bit – about Draymond Green, then you know that he is 110% capable of accidentally Snapchatting a picture of his penis to the entire land.

I mean, come on. We’re all adults here, Draymond. We know what you were doing. I can’t imagine having the guts to even risk that. It’s so damn easy to send it to “my story”, which broadcasts it to everyone who follows you, rather than hitting the individual “send to” button that allows you to hand select the contacts that you want to be able to view the photo.

But Draymond is not your average person. And he definitely sent that photo. We knew it. And he knew that we knew it, so soon after he tweeted the hacking allegation, he admitted to reporters that it was a mistake and issued an apology.

No Draymond. We suffered from that. WE SUFFERED!

When are people going to realize that no one likes dic picks. If you want to brag about your member, then go for it. If you want a lady or man friend to give you a big thumbs up and say “hey, that thing is looking mighty fine and healthy! Congrats!”…well then more power to you. But if you really think that you are winning someone over with a weirdly close-up photo of your junk, I can almost guarantee that you’re wrong.

Tanya Ray Fox

Tanya Ray Fox is a sportswriter and producer who has worked for nearly 7 years in both digital and television sports media. She has previously worked in TV production experience for Comcast SportsNet New England, NFL Network and Time Warner Cable Sports. In addition to her work for SportsGrid and appearances on the affiliated FNTSY Sports Network, she is also a contributor for USA Today's Rams Wire.