PHOTOS: LeBron James’ New “South Beach” Sneakers

  • Dan Fogarty

Here are some photos of LeBron James‘ new sneakers, the LeBron 8’s. This particular version of the 8’s is being touted as the “South Beach colorway,” and as you can see, it looks like an 80’s coke lord had a baby with the Miami Dolphin.

But hey, maybe you’re into that. And, apparently, the Miami Vice vibe is what Nike is going for. From The Collection blog:

Like an 80s crime drama unfolding on the United States’ Gold Cost, an infusion of New Wave culture whose music, colors and cinematography would change the genre forever.

Not knowing what New Wave cinematography had to do with aqua blue sneakers, I went to Styleite’s Justin Fenner for help in deciphering the King’s new shoes.

“I’m having trouble wrapping my head around how this shoe is going to sell — even among sneaker fanatics,” he said. “It’s very 80s and very colorful, but being de rigueur and being downright unattractive aren’t mutually exclusive.”

See, even the sartorially-inclined don’t get it! What say you, sneakerheads: are we missing LeBron’s vision, or are we correct in our assumption that these shoes just aren’t hot?