This Weekend Saw The Triumphant Return of Rajon Rondo: Huddle Creeper

  • Glenn Davis

He struck last year. Then, he lay dormant. He doesn’t just pop up anytime. He is far too savvy for that. No, he appears sparingly, for maximum impact. You never know when he’s coming for you. And that’s exactly how he wants it. Even if it never happens, you must live with the constant awareness – and fear – that it could at any moment. He is always there. Lurking and ready to pounce like a cobra. And on Saturday, he struck again:

Rondo’s been playing some tremendous basketball lately – his streak of consecutive games with 10-plus assists is at 22 and counting. Clearly, he’s using top-secret info to break his opponents down. Well, that or he just likes messing with people. Either way, he cannot be ignored. He must not be ignored. He is waiting to invade your huddle. Always waiting.