Kindly Join The Houston Rockets As They Butcher A Fun Holiday Song, Wouldn’t You?

  • Glenn Davis

You know the song, right? Of course you do, even if you don’t celebrate Hanukkah. The one about using clay to sculpt the classic Hanukkah spinning top toy known as the dreidel, then playing with it once it has sufficiently dried out so as to suitable for spinning on a flat surface? I dunno, it’s catchier the way the song says it. Well, it usually is, anyway. Because sometimes, the Houston Rockets try to sing it…

… and then you’re left wondering what exactly you just heard.

Gathering some of your players together and having them sing a song is an increasingly popular tool of NBA teams in the YouTube era, as they’ve found how much fans enjoy it when these spectacularly gifted athletes with the world at the feet willingly submit to public humiliation. Talk about a ‘real social media champion’!

Not that I’m immune. Did you see Jeremy Lin? He finally gets it together a bit, then stumbles on something as simple as the word “play.” Poor guy. Not that his teammates fare much better, of course. Do teams actually go out of their way to pick their worst singers for videos like this? Because if this is just a random sampling, the NBA is full of some bad singers. But hey – at the least the Rockets seemed to enjoy themselves trying… or not really trying, in a few cases. And when it comes to these things, fun’s about all you can ask for. L’chaim, Rockets. L’chaim.

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