Roy Hibbert Catches A Woman Pooping In The Street And Posts The Photo On Twitter

  • Jake O'Donnell

Pacers Center Roy Hibbert made the All-Star team this year. He is currently playing against the Knicks in the second round of the playoffs. Yesterday he saw what appears to be an attractive young woman wearing a blazer popping a squat in between two cars. On the street in New York. Ahem.

I have lived in New York for several years now, and never have I seen such unbecoming behavior. Nor have I laughed this hard at an athlete’s Tweet, mostly because it’s hilarious that he assumes she’s pooping. Unless he’s leaving out some key details (he’ll be expected to clarify), she’s definitely peeing. Thunder, lighting — who cares what’s coming out. This is solid gold.

On your way to a restaurant?!? Dear lord, that’s gonna steer the dinner talk.

H/T NBA Lottery Pick, Photos via Twitter, Getty

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