Royce White Goes After Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski On Twitter

  • Joe Levine

Royce White is at it again, and he’s found a new way to play victim: going after the media.

White was already battling his anxiety disorder, his team, and the fans, so why not add the media to the list? Not just any member of the media, too, but Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski, one of the most respected members of the media and someone who wrote a very fair article a week ago calling for White to reevaluate his actions now before they cost him his opportunity to play in the NBA.

Rather than take heed in Wojnarowski’s advice and perhaps behaving a bit more maturely, White has gone after the sportswriter in the most immature of ways: by flaming him on Twitter. According to The Big Lead, White tweeted at Wojnarowski upwards of 28 times in one hour this morning, although most/all of those tweets seem to have been deleted at this time. So, you know, totally the behavior of someone in control right now.

Judging by this message that did not get deleted, the ones that are no longer on White’s feed are probably very special:

I’ve already written about this, but I still stand where I did a week ago, which is in the same camp as Wojnarowski, and not just because he’s one of the most respected NBA writers working today.

Royce White has done exactly nothing to warrant anyone other than his family and friends to stand up for him, yet he behaves like he’s a hero and deserves further attention from the Rockets even though he’s not showing up for practices or games; you know, the most basic means of fulfilling his contract with them. The sooner he separates his personal life from his professional life, the better. Maybe then he’ll realize how lucky he is to be in a position where his multi-million dollar job is bending over backwards to accommodate his personal problems, something that won’t happen if he ends up playing in Europe or pursues another career outside of basketball.

Newsflash, Royce: I know this is hard for you to fathom as someone who has been recruited heavily and had his ass kissed over and over for his basketball skills as a child, teen, and young adult, but out here in the real world, no one gives a damn about you. Start appreciating the people that do now before it’s too late.

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