Shocker Of The Night: Blake Griffin Blows A Wide Open Dunk

  • Eric Goldschein

This play was like getting Rick Roll’d, where you expect one thing and get something completely different. Blake Griffin has the entire court to himself, nobody within 10 feet of him, and as he goes up for what will undoubtedly be a fantastic, outrageous, incredible slam — he, well, blows it. Huh? Yeah, you just got Blake Roll’d. Punk your friends with this video: it works every time.

What should have been another addition to the highlight reel, especially after Chris Paul’s crazy tap pass off the outlet, went horribly awry when Blake went up for the dunk. He seems to take his eye off the rim, and then get confused about whether he should put it down with one hand or two. A sad day for Blake enthusiasts — and indeed, basketball fans — everywhere.