Steve Nash, The People Of Phoenix Honor You With A Televised Paper Penis

  • Eric Goldschein

The Phoenix Suns may have said good-bye to point guard Steve Nash last night. And what’s the best way to honor the man who almost single-handedly kept this team relevant the last eight years? The crowd behind the Suns post-game show can answer that question.

Keep an eye out, among the signs deriding Kobe Bryant and suggesting we get “Nashty,” for someone holding up a sort of-NSFW paper penis. They’re actually a little shy about it, so watch carefully.

Let’s get Nashty, indeed.

This tribute was decidedly less emotional and touching than the “We Want Steve” chants. And yet, both instances capture the painful loss of a two-time MVP to greener pastures. One just includes penis, that’s all.

[h/t Reddit]