The Daily Yam: Two NBA Champions And Future Hall-Of-Famers Shared A Great Moment After The Season Ended

  • Eric Goldschein

Welcome to The Daily Yam, bringing you Yesterday’s Awesome Moment, anything you might have missed, and what to look forward to today. It’s your one-stop shop when you skipped last night’s action, or have forgotten what day it is. Last night, the Heat won the NBA title behind a great performance by LeBron James. The Finals MVP embraced four-time champ Tim Duncan after the final buzzer.

Your Daily Yam.

For an NBA Finals Game 7, there were surprisingly few awesome plays. Sure, there were some dunks, and some passes, and some blocks, and a bunch of threes but no, for lack of a better word, yams. So let’s jump ahead: The game has ended, the Heat have beaten the Spurs, and LeBron is about to be holding two trophies. Where do we find LeBron? In the arms of Tim Duncan.

*And the jaded, sarcastic New York Knicks’ fan’s heart grew three sizes that day.* But no, really, a great moment between two legends of the game. And you know Duncan needed that hug after missing this finger roll, which would have tied the game and perhaps altered the outcome:

That should have been automatic for the Big Fundamental. Luckily, he’s got five months to see that ball bounce off the rim over and over again in his haunted dreams. Oh well. Good sportsmanship at the end on both sides.

What Else Happened Last Night?

Pretty much just this.

What’s On Tap Today?

Life after NBA: I don’t know, baseball, I guess? There isn’t even a Confederations Cup match today. How about some WNBA? There are three of those games on. Try them on for size.

It’s Friday. At least there’s that. Have a good weekend.

GIFs via SB Nation